You can make a difference in a talented blind child’s life in many different ways.

By offering your time, money or skills, you can help Academy of Music for the Blind

serve more talented blind students and together we can bridge the gap between the sighted and non-sighted world.


Anyone, age 15 and over, can volunteer as a sighted guide on Saturdays to assist students in many different ways, including ensuring smooth transitions to and from classrooms. We also welcome volunteers to prepare teachers lunches, clean up and to assist at special events.
High school students can receive community service hours for the time volunteered at AMB. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with blind children and learn about their challenges and their remarkable strengths.
We also welcome professional musicians to present musical workshops that fit in with our curriculum

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Khim Teoh at for instructions.

Donate musical instruments

Do you have any unused or unwanted, but usable musical instruments? Donate them to AMB for a tax-deductible write-off. Refurbished instruments are often awarded to students based on need. We also accept donations for silent auction items such as gift certificates, tickets and merchandise for our annual fundraiser.

To donate instruments, please contact Khim Teoh at

Corporate Gifts

Many Corporations view the service that their philanthropic division provides as one their proudest achievements. A Donation that AMB receives from a corporation’s philanthropic division not only allows talented blind children to receive AMB’s unparalleled music education, but also enriches the lives of the students’ families, friends and community.
We offer several opportunities specifically designed for our corporate friends:

Event Sponsorship – You may organize fundraisers to benefit AMB. If desired, we will be happy to have our students perform at the fundraiser.
Scholarship Sponsorship – You may choose how many students to sponsor.

Amazon Smile

Select Academy of Music for the Blind as the charity that you support through and a small percentage of your purchases will be donated to AMB.