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AMB is a non-profit shool of music founded by Director David Pinto whose vision to provide a comprehensive music education to musically talented blind children has set a world wide example of excellence in music education. AMB has been serving talented blind students for over 11 years and is the only year-round music school in America solely dedicated to educating the blind and visually impaired.

AMB was specifically created to address a glaring hole in music education: the absence of music instruction specifically tailored to the unique needs of the blind student.  With thousands of excellent music schools dedicated to serving the sighted, the founding of AMB finally provided blind and visually impaired music students with the level of excellence that their sighted peers enjoy and take for granted.

At AMB, students develop their unique musical talents under the supervision of degreed teachers trained in educating the visually impaired. With an education that fully develops their unique talents and social skills, students become prepared for integration into both other educational institutions, as well as the workplace. And even for those students who do not go on to a music vocation, the support they gain from AMB students, teachers, friends and families, as well as the skills that they gain musically, cognitively and socially, makes an enormous contribution to their quality of life.

Please enjoy the following pages of information and entertainment. See, and hear, for yourself the joy and miracles that a music education for the blind provides.

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    Dorothy Cho Singing Let It Go (from Disney's "Frozen"_

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    AMB Students on 60 Minutes

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    Academy of Music for the Blind 2013 Christmas Spectacular

This student feature showcases our nine year old sensation, Dorothy Cho . . . a talent destined for a bright future in the world of music. An inspiration to all who hear her Dorothy excels not only in voice, but also in guitar, piano, percussion and computer music recording.
AMB students Rex Lewis Clack and Rachel Flowers are featured on the CBS 60 Minutes News program. While both students prodigous talents offer them the chance of having successful music careers, Rachel and Rex face different challenges. Rex's autism will most likely require life-long support from his loving mother and possible future care-givers. On the other hand, Rachel recently graduated from high school, has true friendships, and has the potential to eventually live independently.
Academy of Music for the Blind Spectacular Performance! Our super-talented students range from age 4-19